United States of America
From New York City to Yosemite National Park, the United States has something to entice every type of traveller, with each of its 50 states having something unique to offer. Discover what from our community.
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Answered! Southern states Roadtrip

Hi there, I'm planning to go to the south of the US (Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee) for 3 weeks on a road trip. It's a big trip and my partner and I haven't done anything like this before. We love old country music and can't wait to check ...

Transport on Thanksgiving

Hi, I'm travelling from Manhattan to JFK on Thanksgiving afternoon. Would cabs be readily available or would I have to pre-book one? Does public transport operate a normal schedule on that day if I decided to use it? TIA!

De Miami a Miami

¿Cuando se utiliza el servicio de Uber/Taxi en Miami con niños de 4 años, se exige el uso de silla de seguridad? ¿Los servicios de Uber/Taxi incluyen las sillas, se debe comprar silla en Miami o cual es el protocolo para desplazarse con niños utiliza...