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Encompassing England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom is famous for its breathtaking landscapes and Celtic history. Discover from other travellers tips and tricks for the UK.
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York to Allerton Castle

hi all, does anyone know a cheaper option to get to Allerton Castle from York for less than 10 USD? I do not have a car nor do I have a driving license and the trains in UK are very expensive. Is there any BlaBla car app in the UK?

Tereza by Turquoise Traveler
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Opening hours at Christmas

Hi there, does anybody knows the opening hours of supermarkets in Paignton (Devon) like Sainsbury's, Lidl, Tesco etc. at christmas time? Conerning the timespan from the 24th until the 27th of december? Thanks in advance and have a good day, Eva

New Year's Eve in London

Hey- everybody 😀 Have you any suggestion what to do during New Year's Eve & the BEST WAY to watch the Fireworks from London Eye 😀 Thanks Anaïs

Anaïs23 by Ambassador
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Best way to buy transport in London

Hello everyone! 😊 in a few days i will be in London and I am reading about different possibilities to get around with transport: Oyster visitor card or the Travel card. However, I have also read that you can pay for transport directly with your pers...

Opening hours of the supermarkets at christmas time in Paignton

Hi there, does anybody know the opening hours of supermarkets like Tesco or Sainsbury's etc. at christmas time in Paignton? Concerning the time-span from the 23rd of december until the 26th? Have a good day, Eva

day out

Hi, Guys, I am going to Manchester soon for the night. any good places you recommend for food or night out. cheers

Answered! Christmas Market in London

                     Hi there, Had a great Christmas vibe 😌 and relaxing yourself on a windmill chair for free watching worth it all view forever and I think is the most funniest things I see in England over years and years again.. You could join in...

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Weather during Decemebr in London

Hello 😀 I will love to know how cold it is in London & how many degrees? I'm living in France with a very cold weather during winter -15°C, and I want to know what to take for clothing on my luggage 😉 Thank You Anaïs

Anaïs23 by Ambassador
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