United Arab Emirates
Home of the famous Burj Khalifa which pierces the sky at 828 metres high, the United Arab Emirates has left an indelible mark on modern architecture. Explore more with the help of our community.
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What things I can or can not take from my country Argentina

Hi, I'm from Argentina and my son is working there. Could someone tell me if it is allowed to enter Dubai with our typical sweet made with milk, and 1 bottle of fernet, which is a very typical alcoholic drink here. I have asked other people and even ...

Answered! Dubai- Hot Air Baloon - Vedere l'alba in mongolfiera.

L'esperienza inizia con la sveglia che suona alle 03:00 circa del mattino: il pick-up presso l'hotel avviene verso le 04:00, direzione deserto, la strada è alquanto lunga, se sei assonnato puoi certamente riposarti in macchina. Il tour in mongolfiera...

Dubai Life and tips? Ask to a resident

Hi Guys, i am Clara, living in Dubai (4 years in total) i have travelled the world meanwhile but Middle East is so far my second home. Any curiosity, tips, advices, A N Y T H I N G you have in mind..please, dont be shy i wanna share what this place h...

Club World Cup

Someone know about tickets to Club World Cup?

Сувениры из Эмиратов

Привет, местным жителям и частым путешественникам в ОАЭ 😊 Что вы посоветуете привезти из ОАЭ в качестве сувенира для друзей и родственников? Что сами привозили или дарили?)

Darya1 by Ambassador
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Answered! Общественный транспорт

Здравствуйте! Подскажите,пожалуйста,автобус из аэропорта Абу Даби в центр города-как оплатить проезд, где пополнять карточку и действительна ли она в Дубае? Большое спасибо за ответ!

Answered! Travelling alone to Dubai

I’m travel alone from 22 to 25. If any who is also travelling alone lets connect and travel together. looking forward to connecting with the travellers and gain experience. #dubai #solo travel