Home to UNESCO World Heritage sites, Ukraine also made its mark by inventing the famous Easter egg Pysanka – which was originally decorated with wax and dye. Find out more advice on visiting Ukraine.
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Нюансы военного времени

1. Комендантский час в Харькове сейчас (конец октября 2022) с 22 до 6 часов. 2. В тёмное время суток на улицах темно, фонари не горят. Только машины светят фарами. Стоит брать с собой фонарик. 3. Метро работает и вход бесплатный! 4. С отоплением в го...

Going there

Dear all, My Girlfriend is from Cherkasy and I wanted to ask what possibilities to get there by Train, Bus or Car. We could come to Lviv or to Uzgorod and from there get to Cherkasy. Would I as a foreigner also be able to visit Ukraine? any known dif...

No problems entering or exiting

Hi guys, spent a few weeks in Lviv area doing some voluntary work. Drove from uk. Had no problems at all, entering was easier than exiting, as polish security tighter. Driving in ukraine no different to anywhere else, in fact driving was more pleasan...


Добрый день всем ! Ребята, я советую всем туристам, приезжающих на Украину, скачать приложение, расписания всех поездов по всей Украине, под названием ; - proizd.uaОчень удобно в экстркнных ситуациях.Всего вам доброго ❤️


Поїздка: Маріуполь – Запоріжжя

Коли можно виїхати? Що для цього потрібно і скільки це буде коштувати?

Any tips to cross the border?

Hi, I’ve been to Ukraine three times. Twice last year, and i booked a ticket from San Francisco —-> Wrocław, im transiting from Poland to Slovakia to the border in Uzhhorod. Does anyone have any advice for it? I leave in 10 days.

Quanto è sconsigliato recarsi a Lviv ora?

Quanto è sconsigliato recarsi a Lviv ora?

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