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Donde prefieres alojarte?

Pues eso…A la hora de alojarte, donde prefieres hacerlo?Hotel.Hostal.Apartamento.Glamping.Otros…
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Turquoise Traveler
I prefer to stay in Hostel, Hotel and Homestays. I like more the small hotel. But the most of the time i stay in Hostels and Homestays.


Staying in a Hotel with better reviews remains an excellent option.

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Explorer Ambassador
Explorer Ambassador

Hi Lorena and all

Interesting, but difficult question!

Depends on the definition in different parts of the world.  A "hostal" in Spain is a small hotel, but in most countries it's simple (often shared) accommodation for young people.

We have used some really good Homestays, especially in Asia.  I like the local knowledge and being part of a community.    However, in Europe, we most often stay in hotels: we don't need luxurious facilities, but sometimes the privacy/anonymity can be relaxing. 

Depends what we need at the time: for overnight stops on a long drive, all we want is a clean, comfortable bed and a shower, so 30-40 for the budget chains is enough.

For a city break, location is top priority, and a room comfortable enough to rest for a couple of hours before dinner.

My ideal for a relaxing stay is a small hotel right by a relatively quiet beach where i can eat "feet in the sand".

We used to do a lot of camping, but have never tried glamping.......can't really see the point, although sometime, I would like to camp in a desert without roughing it!

Budget plays a part for most people, I guess, especially in the early years of travel?  Not really a big issue for me any more, but I do insist on good value.  I have never paid as much as 100EU/GBP/USD for a room and still try to find somewhere for 50-60.  How do you feel when you think you have paid too much for your room?