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The ‘crossroads between worlds’ is a must-see on your travel list. Discover from other travellers why the Middle East should be on the bucket list of any globetrotter.
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Home to the only remaining Ancient World Wonder – the Pyramids of Giza – Egypt is a history lover’s ...

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From historic sites like Jerusalem and Haifa, to fun-loving cities like Tel Aviv, Israel is a popula...

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Home to the famous Petra World Wonder, Jordan is a beautiful destination for any globetrotter. So gr...

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Home to UNESCO World Heritage sites, Oman is also the third longest-running monarchy in the world. G...

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From exceptional cuisine to gorgeous Ottoman architecture, Turkey is an unforgettable destination. A...

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United Arab Emirates

Home of the famous Burj Khalifa which pierces the sky at 828 metres high, the United Arab Emirates h...

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📸 Photo Challenge: Look back on 2022 & share your best travel memories!

2022 is slowly coming to an end, which means that it’s the perfect time to think back on all the travel memories you created and inspire fellow travellers with your best photos of this year. Where did you go? What was your favourite destination of th...


Travelling from Istanbul Airport to Taksim Square

From airport to our hotel near Taqsim square which taxi is good and cheap

LE CAIRE : quel musée ?

Bonjour, Je vais au Caire en décembre avec mes 3 enfants 😉 Voyage éclair pour célébrer les 20 ans de mon aîné au pied des pyramides. Notre temps est compté, je dois faire des choix et ne peux visiter qu'un seul musée au Caire. Conseillez vous le mus...

What things I can or can not take from my country Argentina

Hi, I'm from Argentina and my son is working there. Could someone tell me if it is allowed to enter Dubai with our typical sweet made with milk, and 1 bottle of fernet, which is a very typical alcoholic drink here. I have asked other people and even ...

Christmas in Haifa - Welcome to join us !

Merry Christmas my fellow travelers! This year my friends and I will spend Christmas in Haifa! We plan to have a mini-road. We'll head north from the center of Israel to Haifa on Friday (Dec 23) and are planning to have a nice hike in the north and t...


Answered! Dubai- Hot Air Baloon - Vedere l'alba in mongolfiera.

L'esperienza inizia con la sveglia che suona alle 03:00 circa del mattino: il pick-up presso l'hotel avviene verso le 04:00, direzione deserto, la strada è alquanto lunga, se sei assonnato puoi certamente riposarti in macchina. Il tour in mongolfiera...

Petra by Night

Hello, looking to do Petra by night. I understand it is not included in the Jordan Pass and is an extra 17 JOD. However, on the website it says "A valid daylight ticket is required". Does this mean I have to also enter Petra that day to be able to go...

Petra by Night

Make sure you check out Petra at Night

Tours run from 8:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Tickets cost 17 Jordanian dinars per person (about $24 USD) and can be purchased starting at 7:30 p.m. at the visitor center. In order to buy a ticket for the night show, y...

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