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Giordania clima a natale

Magenta Traveler
Ciao a tutti, vorremmo organizzare le vacanze di natale in giordania includendo sia mar morto che mar rosso..
Chi c'è stati è riuscito a fare il bagno ad aqaba e mar morto a cavallo tra dicembre e gennaio?
La notte in tenda nel wadi rum è stata "impegnativa" date le temperature?
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Explorer Ambassador
Explorer Ambassador

December and January and February are the most cold months of the year. And indeed, it's possible that we will have some nights with temperatures below zero. In December there is the chance for rain. And you can be very unlucky to have a few days of rain during your holiday. If it is heavy rain, they will close Petra  as there is a risk of flash floods.

On the other hand, most of the days in December will be sunny with temperatures between 7 and 21 degrees in the day time. Nights between 1 and 13. (That was in December 2021). Brng layers to adjust to the different temperatures.

Day temperatures are nice to visit Petra, not to hot to do all the hiking. Be awar that many hotels and B&B don't have central heating.

Keep in mind that the temperature varies quite a bit throughout the country. In particular it will be considerably warmer at the Dead Sea. And lastly, "wet and cold" are relative terms depending on what you are familiar with and prepared to experience during your travels.

There are many helpful sites that show temperature and rainfall stats over a long period. These are more accurate and reliable that looking at one good or bad year.

Not a lot of activities/celebrations happen at NYE in Jordan.

This may not be of interest to you but worth mention that most 5 star hotels celebrate the NYE .Its mainly for grown up and its not cheap to attend.

you may want to check out The Boulevard in Abdali. It is an enclosed street with lots of restaurants and cafes - very family friendly. It is very lively during the holidays and offers entertainment for all ages. There is also an adjacent mall that has a cinema and is equipped with the latest entertainment gaming facilities and devices.

With regards


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Explorer Ambassador
Explorer Ambassador

Hello, I think my Ambassador colleague has covered most of your question.

Camping in Wadi Rum: will be very cold at night (almost 0), although of course, quite warm during the day.  

Water temperatures at Aqaba and Dead Sea should be OK to swim, although not really warm.  Wet suit for diving/snorkelling at Aqaba.  Swimming in the Dead Sea is a "once only" experience really, the water level is receding each year.  However, it is very humid there so far below sea level.

I think this depends on your attitude to cool/cold weather....we found it ideal in May, not so much in winter.

Enjoy your trip!


Hello, I hope I understood your question properly. In Jordan, the winter weather is at its peak at ( the end of December and the beginning of January). But the good news is that the Dead Sea has a warm climate throughout the whole year. But with regard to Wadi Rum and Aqaba, the weather may be cold or warm, as there is no stable weather in those parts. Wadi Rum has more activities and events in the summer season in particular. I wish you a pleasant trip.

Indigo Traveler

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My advise is to leave to for the summer.  If however you decide to go when its cold, you definitely will not be able to explore everything. 


My advise is to leave to for the summer.  If however you decide to go when its cold, you definitely will not be able to explore everything.