From delicious food to ancient architecture that’s still standing, Italy is one of the most famous travel destinations out there. Discover the best spaghetti place from other travellers in our community.
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Transferring from International to Domestic Flight

Which type of passport control do we go through if we arrive in Rome, Italy from another country on one Airlines and need to transfer to a second Airlines on a Domestic Flight, but our luggage has not been booked through to final destination. Meaning...

Pick up location for excursions

If I book an excursion on - do you pick up customers from cruise ships for an excursion in the cities the cruise ship is docking?Regards

Capodanno 2023

Buona sera a tutti , abbiamo prenotato 3 giorni a Matera per capodanno. Cosa si fa a Matera per capodanno? Avete qualche spunto da darmi? Su internet non trovo molto. Grazie anticipatamente

Ciudades que no son tan nombradas

Ciudades muy agradables para deambular y con un montón de sitios para visitar. Si vais a Verona desde Bolonia tenéis muchos trenes y en 1 1/4 hr estaréis allí. Tomad un tren temprano, ya que las visitas terminan muy pronto ( 17 hrs, 17,30 o 18 hrs). ...

Full day por el Lago Di Como

Si tienen tiempo en Milán, hagan un full day en Lago Di Como por su cuenta. No agarren tours que son muy caros! Van de Milan a Varenna por 7.60e conocen Varenna, luego toman un ferry a Bellagio por 4.60e pasean un rato y luego toman un barco a Como p...

Grand Hotel Duomo

Definitely get a bus or taxi to hotel. We walked from train station, it took over half hour, not good in the heat. Lovely hotel bear all the sites.

Podróże koleją

Sprawdzoną aplikacją było TRAINLINE. Działała bez problemów. Miejscówki zapłacone były, wybierane były, np. dla pary, obok lub naprzeciw siebie. Powiadomienia o przesiadkach, opóźnieniach bez zarzutu. Bilety kupowane wcześniej - tańsze. Polecam

Stunning city

Some of the best things to do in Venice is to visit St.marks Square but get there by 1030 or after 1600 as it gets very busy in the day also take a public transport boat which are known as vaporetto along the grand canal at night and see the stunning...

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