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Homehouse Mascherino - San Pietro - Confirmation #2538249383

Magenta Traveler

Please watch out for this Homehouse Mascherino - San Pietro.  I set up the property in which the property told me to pay cash at property on November 21st and he would send a driver to the airport to pick us up.  On Friday November 18th, 2022 I received a Whatsapp message that read:

Hi Nancy,

There is a big problem with the house of Mascherino that you reserved for Monday, since the guest that chek-out today broke completely the bathroom and is not possible to fix soon, so the house will not be available for Monday.

By the way, if you want, I can accommodate you in another house in the same zone (close to Vatican Museum) that is the same quality, also bigger, with 2 bedrooms, and recently renovated.  The new address is XXXX.  Sent photos of the house.

For the price for me is the same if you pay by cash or bank transfer or credit card.  For the transfer from the airport I cannot arrange it, but you can easily take a taxi just outside the arrival.

I asked:

So how do you arrange this with book it.

He wrote back:

If is ok you to stay in this other house, for Booking doesn't matter.

I asked again:

Can you send the link on booking?

He wrote:

Is on Airbnb this one, no Booking.

Hi Nancy, so at which time will you be coming.

I wrote back:

I am not coming because you switched it to another home, and I found it to be scammy.

He wrote back angrily:

A whole explanation - I said no because he cancelled the original house.  GUESS WHAT - HE CHARGED ME OVER 600.00.  I TRIED TO CONTACT BOOKING AND NO HELP.  I am in Italy with very few funds because they allowed the scammer to charger me.  BE AWARE:


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Pioneer Ambassador
Pioneer Ambassador

Scrivi questa recensione direttamente sulla pagina dell'hotel , in modo che altri utenti possano vederla , questa è solo una chat.

Magenta Traveler

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