From historic sites like Jerusalem and Haifa, to fun-loving cities like Tel Aviv, Israel is a popular destination in the Middle East. Discover this country with the help of other travellers.
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Christmas in Haifa - Welcome to join us !

Merry Christmas my fellow travelers! This year my friends and I will spend Christmas in Haifa! We plan to have a mini-road. We'll head north from the center of Israel to Haifa on Friday (Dec 23) and are planning to have a nice hike in the north and t...


Jerusalem to Petra: 25 or 26th Dec

Hi Travellers , I am planning a Day trip to Petra from Jerusalem on 25th or 26th Dec. So far not been able to find a tour operator (the few i found seem to be very expensive and insist on minimum of 2 px) Any help much appreciated.

DJMelb by Magenta Traveler
  • 3 replies

Christmas in Israel: The complete guide !

Smelling the holidays? Weather is starting to be cold? Feelin romantic? Do they know It's Christmas? Ok, enough talking - let's get you familiar where the festivities are taking place in the Holy Land! 1. Nazareth - Why? It has the biggest Christmas ...

15626372_10154797639732154_9191068791091201629_o.jpg 15732408_10154800097272154_6371006957862100062_o.jpg 48427474_10156919516647154_621091698801377280_n.jpg 48415963_10156916216647154_6343721701838159872_n.jpg

Tel Aviv: Places to stay as a solo traveler, medium budget

At the Ben airport what hotel would y'all recommend that is not super expensive to stay for 3 days?

Isabelle7 by Orange Traveler
  • 3 replies

Can you recommend a good Christmas market and events in Israel?

What are the most popular Christmas markets in Israel ? Pictures and locations are highly welcomed!

Jerusalem to Bethlehem on Saturday

We plan to spend the Shabbat in Jerusalem on Dec. 23 and then go to Bethlehem on Dec. 24. We understand that there is no public transportation until after Shabbat. How do we get from Jerusalem to Bethlehem on Saturday afternoon or evening? Thank you.

Joy_Abuan by Magenta Traveler
  • 3 replies

Top 5 Long Distance Trails in Israel !

So, are you addicted to multi-day hiking and backpacking trail? Here is the complete list for long distance trails in Israel ! 1. Israel National Trail (1000 km) - (In Hebrew: Shvil Israel) This is the longest and most famous trail in Israel. Inspire...

How to shorten the TLV airport security checks

If you travel lightly, only with a carry-on, there's a free "fast track" route to shorten your security and check-in process. Once you get to arrivals, locate the check in point with the letter ''W'' , next to it, you'll find the no-baggage check in ...

How to shorten the TLV airport security checks
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