One of Europe’s oldest countries, founded around 895, Hungary has a lot to offer. Find from other travellers what thermal springs to visit in the country that invented the Rubik’s cube.
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tickets trains

can you tell me how i can buy train tickets from vienna to budapest? I needed the real website of the railway companies to buy tickets in advance in lisbon. In 2019 I bought it on a website that the ticket office did not know about and then I ran out...

Wine tasting in a family winery at Balaton

We spent some great time at winery

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TOP Things To Do In Budapest WHEN IT'S RAIN :)

It's November, & it's sometimes hard to know what to do like activities when it's rain and it can RUINS your vacation... I made this video "TOP THINGS" to do in Paris when it's rain 😀 GO CHECK IT OUT 😉 Enjoy Travelers 😀

Top Budapest Rain.jpg
Anaïs23 by Ambassador
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2 days trip

Which is the best way to travel inside Budapest (2 adults and one 5 year child)? What kind of tickets/passes should we buy in order to be more cost effective?

Photo Challenge: 2022 Summer Memories

While summer has ended in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s the perfect time to think back of all the travel memories we created and inspire fellow travellers with your best photos of the past season. Based somewhere else? Maybe you’ve travelled to a sum...

Photo Challenge 2022 Summer Memories Photo Challenge 2022 Summer Memories

Viaggiare sicuri da soli

Ragazzi secondo voi qual è la zona più tranquilla e sicura dove soggiornare? Sono una donna ed è il mio primo viaggio da sola, sono in cerca di consigli

Cheap food and accommodation

Alwaya stay on Buda side, Pest side is 100% exp than the Buda

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