Home to the only remaining Ancient World Wonder – the Pyramids of Giza – Egypt is a history lover’s dream destination. Immerse yourself in the culture with the advice from our community.
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📸 Photo Challenge: Look back on 2022 & share your best travel memories!

2022 is slowly coming to an end, which means that it’s the perfect time to think back on all the travel memories you created and inspire fellow travellers with your best photos of this year. Where did you go? What was your favourite destination of th...


LE CAIRE : quel musée ?

Bonjour, Je vais au Caire en décembre avec mes 3 enfants 😉 Voyage éclair pour célébrer les 20 ans de mon aîné au pied des pyramides. Notre temps est compté, je dois faire des choix et ne peux visiter qu'un seul musée au Caire. Conseillez vous le mus...

Ambassador gift

All travel community.... Thanks Really impressed. Happy and excited with the gift Really I didn't know what to say!just I hope I can send back all this love again Thanks Wail    MaRia

IMG_20221124_185937.jpg IMG_20221124_185813.jpg

Thank You for the Ambassador's Great Gifts -

Selfie with the Wonderful Gift Great Collection Gift Card Gift Card's Note Thermo Bottle Swing Sticker Notebook and Pen First, I want to thank for the lovely Great Gifts that I just received. It was very thoughtful of you to send me such ...

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Travel Agent Authorisation

Hello, I am an Indian who lives in France. I recently applied for my e-visa to visit Egyptand got it approved. But it says that ¨You will not be allowed to enter the country without the guarantee of an authorized tourist agent in Egypt. It must be pr...

Travel Agent Authorisation

Sharm el sheik excursions

Good afternoon, I was wondering if having a day excursion from Sharm to Giza to visit the pyramids, tahrir museum (or the new museum) as well as khan el khalili is possible? If it is, are there any companies or sites you would recommend to book it? T...

Travel to Siwa from Cairo

Hello, Im an American, Female solo traveler. I have been to Egypt 7 times total - I have been to Siwa 4 times and am absolutely in love with it. My question is, is it possible to rent a car and drive there myself? I feel the guides and whole travel p...

Mona_Dee by Magenta Traveler
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Only in Egypt you can take a picture infront of the oldest wonder of the world  

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